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Spyke Track Knee Slider (2pc) - Black - DublinLeather
€ 25.00 EUR

€ 35.00 EUR

Spyke Track Knee Slider - Soft Side - (2pc) - Black

Spyke Knee sliders for the leather suits or leather trousers. Comes in a pair and available with express shipping from Dublin, Ireland. 


  • 100% polyurethane.

Technical Solutions

  • Pair of Polyurethane slider stuck to the leather with highly resistant velcro.
  • Spyke racing suit sliders have soft Velcro sliders for greater resistance in the case of extreme track use. 
  • For a one-piece motorcycle racing suit or Leather Pants.
  • These sliders have the soft velcro side which is called the loop.

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